Revisting Lasnamae:

a 21st Century Response to the Soviet Master Plan

Team Members: Takafumi Inoue and Sabrina Ramirez-Diaz

This project draws from two earlier Master Plans for the city of Tallinn. Firstly, from Eliel Saarinen’s 1913 Grand Master Plan for the City of Tallinn, Estonia: from its proposed 4 mile long sunken channel, its mass transit system and its civic squares. And secondly, from the 1970’s Soviet Master Plan’s grand urban ambitions. Two seminal influences in the shaping of the city, but in turn, re-imagining them for Lasnamäe’s and Tallinn’s contemporary context and needs. Despite all the great intentions, when the Soviet Union fell, and Estonia regained its independence the district of Lasnamäe was left unfinished. Today, Lasnamäe is considered a dormitory district, as only residential buildings were built –and its sub-centers remain disconnected by the very thing that was intending to connect them. 

The goals that this project took on were:
1.     Continue the Soviet Plan with an agenda that served Lasnamäe’s contemporary context
2.     Provide the financial mechanism necessary to allow for a revitalization of the district in a way that is feasible and sustainable
3.     Stimulate a community oriented urban environment


Sabrina Ramirez-Diaz

Originally from Tijuana, Mexico, Sabrina is a designer that has been based in Los Angeles since 2012.
She received her Bachelor of Architecture from  the University of Southern California School of Architecture and her Master in Architecture from Harvard University Graduate School of Design.