Concrete Bench:

Fabric Cast Studies

Team Members: Antonio Jasso and Sabrina Ramirez-Diaz

Material objects and Assemblies: The design of this performative object –BENCH – has a material tectonic that is translated from the material precedent: The Teshima Art Museum by Ryue Nishizawa. The project was divided in two phases; Design and Representation: The tectonic of the bench takes the surface finish from the museum and re-interprets the reflective and matte as two different materials –plastic for reflective and fabric for matte. For Fabrication and Realization: The Bench is defined by its construction process –which was directly derived from the casting process of the museum.

Sabrina Ramirez-Diaz

Originally from Tijuana, Mexico, Sabrina is a designer that has been based in Los Angeles since 2012.
She received her Bachelor of Architecture from  the University of Southern California School of Architecture and her Master in Architecture from Harvard University Graduate School of Design.